ANDLIN Network Management

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Risk management

24/7 Network Monitoring
Proactive Response
ANDLIN Network Management's proactive network monitoring
allows us to detect problems before they impact your business. As no two businesses are the same, our monitoring level is customizable to your specific requirements. This enables us to ensure that you only pay for what you need.
By monitoring key areas of your server we are able to see when your server is starting to have issues with processor, RAM, Disk subsystem, etc. This allows us to remedy the situation before it gets to the stage that your company's ability to perform is impacted.

Disaster Recovery

Only 6 percent of companies suffering from a catastrophic data loss survive
Will You Survive?
Research has found that most businesses disaster recovery
plans are untested, and do not provide recovery to prior the data corruption. Imagine that you find a critical file has been corrupted, simply having a backup is not enough. The file may have been corrupted when the backup was made. For this you need to have historical backups.

ANDLIN Network Management will put in place a disaster plan that will minimise the risk of prolonged recovery times, data loss and failing compliance audits. details

Vendor Management

Your network is our priority.
Vendor Management
We Know what works.
Your network relies on everything working together. ANDLIN Network Management
can manage your office services to ensure that they all work seamlessly together. Having experience with all vendors allows us to source and vet suppliers to ensure that you are getting the most from your investment. We will establish the requirements and then negotiate with the vendors and provide you with our professional recommendations. We will then monitor the vendor's performance and ensure that all systems are kept up to date.
We work in their industry, but we work for YOU!